Our Five Pillars

Our Five Pillars


At KSI KidS children will be taught basic knowledge concepts and skills through our 5 Pillars of Expression. 

Play Time Pillar

Play acts as a wonderful vehicle in identifying learning profiles and promoting a healthy development in every child. Our approach recognises that children learn valuable skills as they play. Our methodology helps lay the foundation for academics by teaching skills which include interactions, following directions, problem solving, focusing on a task, recognising patterns, orienting themselves in space, self regulating and coordinating actions with intentions. This pillar is taught by a Psychologist, who is a specialist in bilingual education with focus in learning differences and who is certified in the Floortime methodology.

Language and Thinking Skills

This programme is aimed at developing phonological awareness and language skills, pre-mathematics skills, motor skills and social skills, with a structured school readiness curriculum. This pillar is taught by a Speech Therapist.

Expressive Arts

Through creating art and reflecting on art products and processes, children will have the opportunity to express themselves, increase their self-awareness and enhance their cognitive abilities. This pillar is taught by a Psychologist, family and children therapist who has a trainning in Family Constellations, and also is a Yoga kids teacher.

Musical Expression 

Musical Expression is the unique application of music to support a child’s personal learning. It utilises music as a tool to encourage development in social, emotional and cognitive skills as well as improve perceptual-motor skills. This pillar is taught by a  childhood, adolescence and family Psychologist who holds a master’s degree in Music Therapy.

Movement Pillar

Our Movement pillar focuses on developing fine and gross motor skills while working on social skills & emotional literacy. It includes fine motor skill games, movement, gymnastics, play and sensory awareness activities. This pillar is taught by an Occupational Therapist who holds a specialisation in Sensory Integration.



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