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Create your own adventure!

KidS will be running a five week adventure camp from 28 June - 30 July 2021 over summer for children 2-7 years. KidS Summer Camp is open to all families, giving children the opportunity to experience new activities, make friends and immerse themselves in a bilingual environment.

What is KidS Summer Camp?

  • For children aged 2-7
  • Small groups of 5
  • A new adventure every week 
  • Full English and Spanish immersion
  • Half day programme, Monday - Friday, 8:00am- 12:00pm

Special Workshops: Children also benefit from a series of workshops led by leading therapists from the Learning & Psychology Centre, supporting all areas of a child's development.
Additional sessions from a multidisciplinary perspective can be booked for interested families.

Camp locations

Select from one of the two locations below:

Kids Quinta Camacho
Carrera 11A # 69-75
Bogota, Colombia

KidS Guaymaral (located within KSI Bogota)
Calle 221 # 115-51
Bogota, Colombia 

Dates & Themes

Week 1 | June 28 - July 2| Let’s play with science 
Week 2 | July 6 - July 9 | Mythical hunters
Week 3 | July 12 - July 16 | Brave explorers
Week 4 | July 19 - July 23 | Let’s camp
Week 5 | July 26 - July 30 | Let’s explore magical stories


Pricing varies depending on the number of weeks booked. Discount applies for multiple weeks.
Pricing in Colombian Pesos.

Special discount applies for KidS and KSI families. Contact our team for pricing. 

1 week   | $400,000 
2 weeks | $780,000
3 weeks | $1,150,000
4 weeks | $1,500,000
5 weeks | $1,750,000

Contact Us

We also partner with KSI Bogota to offer a Summer Camp programme for children over 7 years. There is a crossover with some activities, giving children the opportunity to learn and play with others of different ages. 
Please email for information on KSI Bogota's Summer Camp. 

For our KidS Summer Camp please email or click the form below to register your interest.


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