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Why Choose Us?

1. KidS Pedagogy and Methodology

To further strengthen the 5 pillars of expression model, students work on the development of a project that integrates knowledge and that emerges from the interests of our children, bringing them closer to the inquiry, the development of critical thinking and the creative expression of ideas.

2. KIDS Readiness Approach

At KidS we strengthen the skills of our children to successfully face situations in today’s world, preparing them for a positive transition to school. We seek the development of skills and basic tools to start the school process that include critical thinking, problem solving, follow-up instructions, teamwork, motivation, attention and social and emotional skills.

3. Support of English Language Development (K4KidS & English Lab)

The Kids teaching methodology supports learners with English language acquisition through different models. For students under 4 years, they receive native language instruction with English exposure  in the English Lab program, to facilitate an acquisition of a second language children must be exposed to it before the age of 6, This is the reason why, while we are developing e the mother tongue, our children are also exposed to English through art, play and social interaction.

Older students have the opportunity to learn English as a second language, via full English immersion (k4 KidS program) or through a dual-track approach where instruction is given to learners both in local language and in English.

4. Assessment and Reporting

As part of the process of adapting to the preschool and aiming to get to know each of our children better, we make an assessment of their skills, development, individual styles, interests and needs, in order to adjust our daily plans and reach the potential of each one of them. This information is presented to the parents periodically and is accompanied by an individual portfolio that helps us understand the progress of each child, strengthening our pedagogical model.

5. Reinforcement of Parenting Skills

Parents are an essential part of the development of the students. Parenting workshops and structured newsletters provide parents with support and the appropriate tools to help enrich their child’s development. Parenting sessions become a valuable support network for families.

What Makes Us Unique?

Home away from home

At KidS we are proud of our capacity to interact with families from all around the world and offer them a home away from home. Within this initial adaptation period we make sure that the families not only find a place for their child to learn, but also to support them in their transition to Colombian culture and lifestyle. 

Detailed Report Card

To support families moving abroad, we provide a detailed student report card, adapted to international standards, which helps families with the admissions process at their new school.

Bilingual Programme

We have an integrated bilingual inclusion programme that has assisted many of our students with their transition process from kindergarten to school.

Acceptance in first school of choice

95% of our students opt to join a top international school and 100% of them were accepted to their first school of choice.

Individual Portfolio

To support a child’s transition to kindergarten we assess their skills, development and individual interests and customise a child’s daily plan to support them reach their potential. This information is presented to parents periodically and is accompanied by an individual portfolio that helps understand the progress of each child, strengthening KidS pedagogical model.