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Ulises & Adriana Sanchez, Parents
The love everyone at KidS has is palpable from the moment you walk in. Being their first time in school because of Covid, they made the adjustment seamless and gave them all the love they needed. The intense but play- based therapy sessions for OT and Speech have been life-changing for our family. I’ve looked for comparable programs and have yet to find any anywhere else in the world. They know the research and the importance of early intervention with developmental delays and put it into practice.”
Amy Lynn Talley, Parent
“We have been at KSI KIDS for over a year. We love how small the classes are. My son needs extra support with Occupational and Speech Therapy and he is able to get that here which I love because a lot of schools don’t have this option. The teachers and staff are very warm and welcoming. Our son has surpassed so many goals with your support and love. We are so very thankful!”
Daniella Garcia, KidS Parent
As a mother of two KIDS children, I can say that it is a great kindergarten! My children like to wake up every morning to go to class. They always show me their activities with great passion and joy, they learn in many ways and on more than one occasion they have surprised me with what they tell me about artists, characters, activities and so on… Class projects are always based on what they like and what generates interest, I think that’s why they feel motivated”
Kryshia & Shaun, Parents

We’re proud to say that our children have been accepted into their school of choice, CNG! Thank you. We wanted to share this great news with you guys, you have been a huge part of this process. Our kids have learned so much with you, and we are very thankful to you for this great accomplishment. We couldn’t be happier with the education provided at Kids!

Kids Parent

I’m writing to tell you that the report we received on our son was spectacular. We are grateful for the wonderful steps taken at KSI Kids (place he loves) and the support he has received from the occupational therapists to overcome his sensory difficulties. It is impressive to see the fine motor skills he has developed. He is drawing wonderfully with flying colours! We have even been asked if teachers can start on maths skills with him, despite being in kindergarten. We are very grateful to see the results of a good diagnosis conducted on time, where we were able to overcome the difficulties he had and thanks to that he can now shine with his intellectual strengths.

Kids Parent
Thank you again for introducing us to your nursery. It was a very pleasant and motivating experience for us. We really liked your nursery, its philosophy, the educational program and the focus on the five pillars around the concept “Be All You Can Be” that you direct in it. Our little girl is very much looking forward to starting with you and we know she will be very happy.