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At KidS we are delighted to offer a range of programmes for students. We provide flexible programme options for families, with the introduction of an extended hours Afternoon Programme for younger children.

KidS Morning Programme (8:00am - 12:00pm)

Our KidS programme is designed for students aged 1-3 and is based on the principle that the early years are the most critical in a child’s development. The programme is designed to promote and encourage active learning, children learn best when they are actively engaged with the world around them. The programme is designed around our Five Pillars of Expression and students rotate around the pillars; Language and Thinking, Musical Expression, Expressive Arts, Movement, Play Time.

K4KidS Full Day Programme (8:00am - 3:00pm)

*Exclusive to Quinta Camacho*

Our full day programme is tailored for older children aged 4-5 to prepare them for their transition into school. The programme is modeled on a pre-kinder curriculum: Maths, Literacy and pre reading/writing in English which prepares students for an English immersed environment. Through music, art, play and academic differentiation, students are given the support to thrive in all areas. At K4KidS every morning is started with a routine, preparing children for the day ahead. Activities are designed to stimulate and enrich learning, children are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination to learn in a fun and unique way. Children are given the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learnt throughout the year and share these special moments with their parents. The nursery organises outdoor activities and events to bring families together.

KidS Extended Hours Afternoon Programme (1:00pm - 3:00pm)

We offer an extended hours afternoon programme 'Fun Afternoons', which runs Tuesday to Friday, from 1pm - 3pm. This is a chance for children to engage in play-based educational activities designed to develop their language, emotions, creativity, social and intellectual skills, whilst discovering the wonders of the world around them. The programme compliments the morning activities, allowing families to enrol their child for the full day, or opt for just the afternoon session. 

KidS Training Programme for Nannies and Caregivers

At KidS we want to help families by educating children and creating a training program for nannies and babysitters which include 7 virtual sessions accompanied by individual work and practices at home where they can implement this knowledge. The workshop consists of seven virtual classes running on a weekly basis. For full details visit our page 'KidS Training for Nannies'.

Adaptation programme (3 days)

Making important decisions for our children is not easy, especially when it comes to enrolling them in a preschool center. Some parents have reservations when it comes to enrolling their child on a full-time basis so young. Considering this, we have designed a special program allowing families to enrol their child 3 days a week at KidS, this is a good way to start and support the adaptation process of our children.

At both of our establishments, KidS have the opportunity to create magical experiences and adjust to the necessities of the families of young children. This programme is offered to children under 2 years.

Inclusive Education Programme

The inclusive education program is to provide children with special educational needs with a flexible curriculum that fits their needs and develops their potential.

It involves the realization, execution, and monitoring of an individualized plan focused on a child's development profile. This will be the result of the teamwork of therapists and teachers, led by the academic and neuropsychological areas of KSI KidS and The Learning and Psychology Centre.

The proposed integrated work of both units respects the pace of learning of each child and gives children with special educational needs the specific accompaniment and stimulation they require while supporting them in their social and affective development in their peer group.

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Other Programmes

KidS Summer Camp
Over summer KidS run a summer camp for children 2-7 years. KidS Summer Camp is open to all families, giving children the opportunity to experience new activities, make friends and immerse themselves in a bilingual environment. Contact us today for more information.

Healthy Eating Workshops
We work with Eat Petit to run healthy eating workshops for children, parents and teachers. For more information visit

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