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Our Five Pillars

At KSI KidS children will be taught basic knowledge concepts and skills through our 5 Pillars of Expression.

Language & Thinking

This programme is aimed at developing phonological awareness and language skills, pre-mathematics skills, motor skills and social skills, with a structured school readiness curriculum. 

Musical Expression

Musical expression is the unique application of music to support a child’s personal learning. It utilises music as a tool to encourage development in social, emotional and cognitive skills, as well as improve perceptual- motor skills.

Expressive Arts

Seeks to stimulate the individual expression, artistic production and individual creativity working with the child through emotional, plastic and corporal expression. Art is a symbolic language among others available as a means of human communication.

Movement Pillar

Body expression and movement are the basis of learning. Our classes are focused on the development of sensory integration activities, fine and gross motor skills while strengthening social skills and self-awareness that allow us to explore and understand the world around us.

Playtime Pillar

Playing is the best way to get to know a child. Our methodology helps establish the bases for learning through the development of skills such as following of instructions, problem solving, focus on an objective, emotional self-regulation and teamwork.