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KidS at Home.

At KidS, we place your children, their development and their safety at the top of our priorities. That is why we propose KidS at Home, a flexible and fun programme that allows us to virtually guide and support kids and parents. A unique learning plan has been designed for each year group, with varying needs and abilities.

Our online platform supports distance learning, with collaboration between children, the family and teachers to ensure a quality learning experience. At KidS, we use Classdojo, where you can find daily activities, uploads of student work and receive feedback from your child’s teachers in their portfolio.

Our Five Pillars are present through video classes, adjusting to the different schedules of the parents. Children have access to art classes, chess (in English and Spanish), music, stories and literacy.

Start the day with a very special greeting from our teacher (by video, video call or virtual class), because remembering the daily routine helps us plan and organise.

Live group classes, where children interact with their teacher and with other children, developing activities and following the curriculum.


Individual classes, where the teacher and child work on an activity designed to meet the needs of the child and strengthen relationships formed.

Group classes in the afternoon, focused on movement, music, exercise, dance and lots of fun ! For these classes we invite the whole family to connect and participate in fun activities.