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Growing Spaces

We see education as a continuum and at KidS we categorise stages of development by age groups to form our classes. We recognise that every child is unique and reaches their milestones at their own pace, which is why these stages are only guides to work with.

Tadpoles 8-18 months

During this developmental stage children’s interaction with
the environment is essential, they explore the world through their senses. They are also able to identify how their actions can make an impact on the environment. The development of their language skills and grasp of new vocabulary is one of the main objectives for this age.

Monkeys 1.5 – 2.5 years 

Children develop their imagination and start developing their
personality and the way they interact and communicate with others. Their fine and gross motor skills have further developed, which allows them to explore and interact with their environment. Gaining independence and autonomy are the main goals for this stage, hand in hand with the exploration and use of new materials.

Baby kids first steps

Caterpillars 2.5- 3.5 yr: Caterpillars 

During this developmental stage children continue to grow their personality and independence. We give them tools to follow a routine, create and establish friendships and social games. For this stage, emotional management and problem solving is very important, at the same time we work on the use of tools and the acquisition of routines for life.

Sharks 3.5 – 4.5 years

Children in this stage develop their own interests, what they like and dislike. They are aware of rules and social cues, which helps with their independence and roles in society. We give them the tools needed to start their transition to school. Our main goal is the development of abilities and skills for life and for admission to big school. We develop child’s strength and a sense of achievement that will lead them to face new experiences in life.

Our Five Pillars

We have adapted our pillars of expression: Play, Sensory, Language, Music and Motor to achieve integral development objectives in a playful and fun way.


Create socially assertive children, strengthening their first bond (caregiver-baby).


Through different activities, babies will have the opportunity to know and experience sensations related to their body and environment, strengthening their multi-sensory development.


Through sounds, they will learn to recognize their environment, for example, the mother’s voice or the person who takes care of them. Also they will learn to distinguish the sounds that conform the words of their language and recognize basic sounds of their mother tongue.


The parents and baby will share a moment of connection and learning that reinforces this emotional bond. Will have a repertoire of rhythms and songs that they can integrate into daily activities.


Through the experiences of movement and multi-sensory stimulation, we improve fine and gross motor development skills, coordination and balance.