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2022/23 Fees


Fees (Colombian Pesos)

KidS (Ages 1-4) - Quinta Camacho​


KidS Morning Programme - Tuition (8:00am - 12pm)

$ 1,995,000 /month

KidS Full Day Programme – Tuition (8:00am - 3pm) $ 2,490,000 /month

KidS Afternoon Programme (1:00pm - 3pm)

1 afternoon per week

2 afternoon per week

3 afternoon per week

4 afternoon per week


$ 150,000/month

$ 275,000/ month

$ 385,000/ month

$ 495,000/ month

KidS Programme - Registration  $ 2,042,000 /year
KidS Programme - Materials $ 1,915,000 /year

K4KidS (Ages 4-5) - Quinta Camacho​

K4KidS Programme - Tuition (8:00am - 3pm) $ 2,860,000 /month
K4KidS Programme - Registration  $ 2,860,000 /year 
K4KidS Programme - Materials $ 2,671,000 /year 

KidS (Ages 1-5) - Guaymaral

KidS Programme - Tuition, 7am - 11:30am $ 1,614,000 /month
KidS Programme - Tuition, 7am - 2:30 pm    $ 1,975,000 /month
KidS Programme - Registration  $ 1,614,000 /year 
KidS Programme - Materials  $ 1,614,000 /year

Tuition Fee

Tuition payments are made on a monthly basis with 11 instalments over the year. Payments must be made by the 5th of every month. For children starting at the beginning of the academic year, payments must be made by 5th August 2022. To secure your enrolment at KidS, we ask for the following fees paid upfront: registration, materials and accident insurance. Note that if a student withdraws prior to commencing at KidS, or within their first month, 50% of the registration and materials will be refunded. 

If a student enrols after the start of the academic year, registration and materials is pro-rated based on the entry date.

Accident Insurance

A non-refundable Accident Insurance fee is charged annually at a cost of $ 67,00. The cost is the same for both KidS campuses and K4Kids. 

Afternoon Programme 

The extended hours Afternoon Programme operates at Quinta Camacho for ages 1-4, from Tuesday - Friday, 1:00pm - 3:00pm. 

Notice Period

In the event that the child is removed from the nursery before the end of their contract, KidS must be notified at least three months before the child's last day. Fees will be payable to the end of the notice period. In the instance that a child leaves the nursery or reduces attendance without the required notice period, three months tuition fee will be charged. 

Late Fee

The nursery is entitled to charge interest for any delays in payment of monthly fees, at a rate not exceeding the maximum permitted by the authorities.

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