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Baby KidS Programme

Baby KidS is a program designed to stimulate babies aged 3-12 months, through a range of experiences. The programme aims to provide a stimulating environment where babies can develop the foundations for learning, whilst also developing the bond between a parent and child.

The programme offers an opportunity for families to enrich the baby’s life in a warm and motivating environment, through games, exercises, activities and experiences that will increase the development of social, sensory, motor, communicative and cognitive skills.

Our program is based on the KidS methodology and has been adapted for babies 3-12 months, offering a preparation space for school.

Observers (3-6 months)

They develop skills that encourage them to move (grab objects, discover the cause-effect relationship, communicate with others and develop fine motor skills that is crucial at this stage). Babies demonstrate great interest in the things that Dad and Mom make with their hands, they will observe and try to imitate them.

Talkers (6-9 months)

They will engage in activities that develop and enrich their thinking, language, sensory, motor and social skills, through exploration and meaningful experiences.

Explorers (9-12 months)

They integrate with other children, socialize, explore their surroundings, develop hand-eye coordination and visual-motor skills, through simple instructions given by the adult in charge.

Walkers (12+ months)

They learn to have more control over their body. They use their emotional intelligence, fine and gross motor skills and their language.

Our Five Pillars

We have adapted our pillars of expression: Play, Sensory, Language, Music and Motor to achieve integral development objectives in a playful and fun way.


Create socially assertive children, strengthening their first bond (caregiver-baby).


Through different activities, babies will have the opportunity to know and experience sensations related to their body and environment, strengthening their multi-sensory development.


Through sounds, they will learn to recognize their environment, for example, the mother’s voice or the person who takes care of them. Also they will learn to distinguish the sounds that conform the words of their language and recognize basic sounds of their mother tongue.


The parents and baby will share a moment of connection and learning that reinforces this emotional bond. Will have a repertoire of rhythms and songs that they can integrate into daily activities.


Through the experiences of movement and multi-sensory stimulation, we improve fine and gross motor development skills, coordination and balance.