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Kids are proud to form partnerships with businesses that share a similar vision to us and together we aim to provide exceptional services to our families and expand our networks in the community.

Maternity Club Spa & Gym

Maternity Club Spa & Gym provide a comprehensive center for mothers in the prenatal and postpartum period. Offering a Prenatal Program, which includes a Psychoprophylactic Course, Training and Preparation Workshops for childbirth, Vital Baby Workshop, covering topics such as Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid, Parenting Guidelines and BLW Complementary Feeding. They provide Prenatal Physical Conditioning and SPA as well as a Postpartum comprehensive recovery program with treatment of abdominal diastasis and pelvic floor. Their Maternity Baby Club Program with Early Stimulation and Neurodevelopment Workshops are offered to babies from 2 to 12 months.

Learn more www.maternityclubspagym.com 


Shiirá was formed in 2017 by Director Enrique Flower, who wanted to  share with other parents knowledge about children’s brain functioning and its development. 

Sound is the basis of spirit at the Shiirá family and whilst they does not seek to focus solely on music, sound is the basis of communication. The company believes by achieving correct communication with children, they can not only strengthen their own aspects of development but also strengthen an emotional bond with them.

The main objective is to be able to provide families with all work and effort so that the process of development, growth and parenting can be carried out in the most effective and affective way possible within the particularities of each family circle.

At Shiirá Center for Development and Wellbeing they firmly believe that core family is central to a child and they are the best a child can have. The groups interest is to be able to share constant tools so that this adventure of being parents can be carried out in the best way.

Their work is aimed at ensuring that each day of  interaction with your children is full of joy, love, achievements and mutual learning. At Shiira they hope to become the first reference option in child development and emotional parenting and to be able to accompany you in this process for many more years.

Learn more https://shiira.com.co/

Liga Multiples

In Colombia, 1.7% of births are multiple. Liga Multiples are the only organization that groups families with these characteristics regardless of their socioeconomic condition, from pregnancy to adulthood. They hold multiple conventions throughout the country, bringing together and celebrating these families.

Liga Multiples accompany families from the moment of pregnancy with experiences, through our social networks and at our events, we convene experts who will guide families on topics such as health, parenting, couples, family, among others.

Read the thousands of stories published on their website.

Liga Multiples are a support network, and they have agreements and alliances with private companies and affiliates, to help all families access special discounts in the food, education, health and complementary sectors.

Learn more www.ligadelosmultiples.com