Why choose us?

Why choose us?

95% of our students opt to join a top international school and 100% of them were accepted to their first school of choice


1. KidS Pedagogy and Methodology

At Kids we have a customised pedagogy, delivered through “The 5 Pillars of Expression”. Our pillars are delivered by trained teachers who are specialised in the particular field or pillar of expression.
The KSI Kids model continually keeps abreast of new research and the demands of 21st century life. 

2. KIDS Readiness Approach

At Kids we prepare children for their transition into school and ensure they are ready and will be successful at school. We set minimum standards to assess what children should know and be able to do, starting school ready and eager to learn, thereby enabling a successful transition into a primary school learning environment. Success in school is determined by a range of basic behaviours and abilities, including literacy, numeracy, ability to follow directions, working well with other children and engaging in learning activities.

3. Support of English Language Development

The Kids teaching methodology supports learners with English language acquisition through different models. For students under 4 years, they receive native language instruction with English exposure (mainly through active listening and ludic activities). Older students have the opportunity to learn English as a second language, via full English immersion or through a dual-track approach where instruction is given to learners both in local language and in English.

4. Assessment and Reporting

Kids provides students with a unique base-line assessment, designed as as an indicator of ‘on entry’ skills. This reports on their individual preferred styles, interests and specific learning or developmental abilities and needs. This information provides a valuable base to track and predict individual growth and development, and feeds into the dynamically evolving pedagogical model that underpins the success of KSI Kids.

5. Reinforcement of Parenting Skills

Parents are an essential part of the development of the students. Parenting workshops and structured newsletters provide parents with support and the appropriate tools to help enrich their child’s development. Parenting sessions become a valuable support network for families.

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