Director's Welcome

Dear Parents,

We want you to know how happy we are that you’re going to be part of Kids. You will be with other friends with whom you will play, share and learn.

This year you will experience wonderful things in each of our pillars. In LANGUAGE AND THINKING you will assimilate new words, build puzzles, hear funny stories and share your experiences. In MOVEMENT you’ll have fun as you jump, run, climb and move inside the space. Plus you’ll recreate with different shapes and surfaces. In the PLAY PILLAR, you will develop your creativity and imagination. You will express your emotions and share with your peers. In EXPRESSIVE ARTS you will have the opportunity to explore different materials and textures with which you will create your own artwork. In MUSIC you will discover that your body is a whole band.

You will learn to collaborate, to serve and to value. Above all, to keep your spirit full of joy and enthusiasm.

During your time in Kids, where children are the most important, you will feel your heart keep the colours of the rainbow.

Welcome to Kids where you will become ALL THAT YOU CAN BE !!!

Claudia Nigrinis