KSI KidS Director - Claudia Nigrinis
Claudia has thirty years of experience with language learners from various backgrounds. She has BA in Early Childhood Education, From Universidad de La Sabana; Post graduate studies in Special Education from Johns Hopkins, and Harvard University; A Post Bachelor Degree in Educational Leadership and a Master´s Degree in Global Education, both from Lehigh University.  Claudia has been a consultant for beginning Bilingual Schools and Summer Camps Coordinator. She worked for 25 years at Colegio Nueva Granada a as Pre Kinder, Kinder and as the Coordinator of the Inclusion and Read to Succeed Programs. Claudia taught Differentiated Instruction in the Teaching Training Institute at Universidad Colombo Americana, ÚNICA and at the Universidad Del Rosario.  


Psychologist and Music Pillar Teacher - Paula A Parra


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology Post Graduate Studies in childhood, adolescence and family
  • Master Degree in Music Therapy

Play Pillar Teacher - Ingrid Schumacher


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
  • Post Graduate Degree in Bilingual Education with emphasis in the Area of Learning Disabilities
  • Floortime Certified
  • Certificate in Food Manipulation Practices


Expressive Arts Pillar Teacher - Maria Helena Pizarro 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
  • Creation Artistic Workshop “The Art of Being Yourself”
  • Family and Children Therapist
  • Training in Family Constellations  
  • Yoga Teacher for Children







Thought & Language Pillar Teacher - Marybell Orjuela 

  • Speech Therapist with emphasis on reading skills

Movement Pillar Teacher - Paola Pineda 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy
  • Specialization in Sensory Integration
  • Certificate in Food Manipulation Practices
  • Certified in First Aid


K4 Kids Homeroom Teacher - Luisa Castellanos
  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology 
  • Specialization in Bilingual Education
  • Thanatology studies in progress









K4 Kids Teacher Assistant - Maria Camila Alvarez
  • Bachelor’s degree in Arts
  • Gestalt Therapist




Teacher Assistant - Katherine Castellanos
  • Technician in Early Childhood Care
  • Undergraduate student in Early Childhood (Ninth Semester)
  • Certified in food handling
  • Certified in first aid


Teacher Assistant - Daniela Sanchez 
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education in progress

Teacher Assistant - Andrea Mendez
  • Technical assistant in nursing
  • Administrative technician
  • Bachelor in Children Pedagogy in progress

Administrative Assistant -  Viviana Muñoz 
  • Accounting Assistant
  • 5 semesters of psychology
  • Certificate in Food Manipulation Practices
  • Certified in first aid




General Services & Cleaning Lady - Lucia Fernandez 
  • Certificate in Food Manipulation Practice
  • Certified in first aid